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SchoolPro (Tertiary)

Over the past 30 years, the technological (both hardware and software) revolution has changed the way we work and play almost beyond recognition. Yet the smart, interconnected world we live in now is still neither as smart, nor as connected, as we would like it to be. Consumers want efficiency in service delivery, employee want more powerful devices and applications to work with, while businesses and institutions seek more cost-effective, accurate, easy-to-use and location independent technologies to cope with increasingly complex challenges.
Satisfying these demands is the sole existence of Infowheel Systems and hence, the SchoolPro.
SchoolPro (School Portal Solution)  is a web application designed mainly to automate all processes of any tertiary institution end-to-end.

Amongst other generic features, SchoolPro is bondled with 
  • Students Profile Management System
  • Online Application System
  • Course Registration System 
  • E-Payment System
  • Result Management System
  • Administrative Control Panel
  • Dynamic Website (with Content Management System).
  • Bursary - Student Payment Reporting
  • Transcript System
  • Option for E-library
  • Statistical reports on student admission, students course registration, payments, etc
  • Ability to interface with other legacy Applications
  • Comprehensive User Authentication and Authorization System
SchoolPro is integrated with payment switching platforms to ease and simplify fees payment for students. With this, all categories of students would be able to make school fees and sundry payments through an agreed combination e-payment platforms.

Infowheel Systems

  • We are an information technology solutions provider motivated by the quest to provide business owners in different sectors of the economy with agile solutions that seamlessly automates their business, endear them to their customers and place them ahead of competitors.