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Need Assessment

Infowheel Systems has identified that most courier companies in Nigeria are not doing well in the industry due to inadequate usage of technologies and funds to implement and maintain the required IT/ICT infrastructures and personnel. We know that an average courier/ logistics company will require at least the following ICT infrastructures:
  • A comprehensive courier application that covers operational processes, track and trace, eCommerce application interface (API), billing system and customer self-service solutions. 
  • Robust and 24/7 ever-available Server(s) with public IP that makes tracking application available to customers all over the world
  • A team of experienced programmers and database administrators.
  • Comprehensive computer network system and professionals to implement and support the required interconnection of offices.
  • And many other sever associated equipment and software.
Everything mentioned above comes at a very high cost and may be unaffordable for most courier companies. Even when they are affordable, it is most likely going to be an unprofitable business approach due to unnecessary overhead cost that comes with them. However, no matter how expensive your major ICT requirements may be, it is important that you find a work around to it.  

Our Solution

In view of the above, we are pleased to introduce to you our solution named CourierWheel. CourierWheel is a comprehensive software application developed mainly to cater for at least 90 percent of courier operations from pickup to delivery. It is a multi-platform client-server application designed to run on both mobile and desktop technologies. Many years of implementing courier applications in the industry has helped us to develop CourierWheel in order to cater for most of the challenges that most courier companies have, especially in a developing or under-developed economic environments.

Why CourierWheel?

CourierWheel is implemented to run both offline and online. Offline module (Mobile & Desktop) allow users to work and enjoy their normal computer speed while a background service connects to the main server to upload all transactions performed by the user. It also takes care of the momentary network outage that may want to halt users operations.  The online module is absolutely a web based module that allows user to connect to the application anywhere in the world. It is usually deployed on Infowheel server outside Nigeria in order to guarantee 24/7 availability, reliable bandwidth and round the clock support. 


  • Pickup (Shipments Initiation & Waybill System)
  • Track & Trace
  • Delivery Managemen System 
  • Billing System
  • Customer Self-Service System
  • API
  • Alert System (SMS & Email)
  • Reports & Analysis


Infowheel Systems

  • We are an information technology solutions provider motivated by the quest to provide business owners in different sectors of the economy with agile solutions that seamlessly automates their business, endear them to their customers and place them ahead of competitors.