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Infowheel Systems has come a long way in delivering different kinds of web solutions to her customers. Our web solutions are usually centered on customized responsive web application that seamlessly integrate organizations internal operations and customer experience. We pride ourselves in our capability to deliver multiple-platform enabled features in a single solution, thereby reducing cost of creating different application for different technological platforms where necessary.
In order to deliver complete solution to our clients, Infowheel Systems partner with the best web hosting companies around the world to give our application the hosting features it deserves. Our experience and understanding of a complete web solution has mandated us to research into strengths and weaknesses of different host servers around the world, so as to provide our clients with the fastest and most secured web hosting option for their application.
Why us?
  • Research and clients/client's customer opinion consideration before and during design stage.
  • Comprehensive templating and agreed workflow before implementation 
  • 3-tier architectural design
  • Project/stages timeline definitions and adherence
  • Browser/multiple platform compatibility.
  • User friendly navigation layout.
  • Professional content review to attract potential customers.
  • High-impact designs combining rich graphics, photography, and text content.
  • Ability to embed Customer Services/CRM system in client's website.
  • Search engines listing with the most appropriate keywords.
  • Experienced professionals with up-to-date design practices in the industry.
  • Online test environment for all web solutions.
  • First class technical support and management.

Infowheel Systems

  • We are an information technology solutions provider motivated by the quest to provide business owners in different sectors of the economy with agile solutions that seamlessly automates their business, endear them to their customers and place them ahead of competitors.