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At Infowheel systems, we understand software to be a solution that completely, efficiently and accurately automates a specific business process and provide a detail management reports as it affects the business. 

Our approach in achieving this is to work in partnership with our clients, by reviewing their business process and designing a tailored application to suit their operation environment. We implement both web and windows based software solutions, depending on your system requirements.

We believe in one-click-total-solution that takes users to their desired information with little or no human interface.

Find below the features of our software development approach that set us apart

Functional Requirements Definition - This is an output of on-site/off-site feasibility study that contains a detail list of all functional requirements the system (Application) is expected to address. Our clients are allowed to review this document until they have an absolute satisfaction on the contents.

Visibility - At each stage along the development & implementation of the software, we allow the system to evolve before your own very eye by providing high visibility of WIP (work in progress).

User Oriented System Prototype - A prototype is a visual representation of the system in question. We provide this to ensures smooth communication between users/customers and our developers, to avoid the risk of misconception and wastage of resources during system development.

Proof of Concept - We allow users  to confirm the functional specifications of the system as against the agreed functional requirements definition  at every stage of development.

Quality Control (QC)- Our QC representative ensures that unit testing of all the phases in a project beginning from the requirements capture through the design, development and the final product are completed. Future recommendations are also made here.


Hardware Solutions 
Due to our experience in having to service and maintain sub-standard hardware technologies for some of our clients, Infowheel systems has successfully  partner with the world's #1 hardware technology providers such as Dell, HP, CISCO and many others to supply, install and maintain your hardware needs. 

Besides supplying Tier One product at extremely competitive prices, we also provide complete logistical support that includes:

   ¤    Developing specifications 
   ¤    On-site installation and Configuration
   ¤    Staging and warehousing for project roll-out 
   ¤    Certified maintenance support 
   ¤    Life cycle management services and many others 

Our belief does not just end at the quality of hardware your organization has, but what value they are serving you. Below are some of the minimum tasks we believe your computer should perform.

Security: Data protection is an issue that should never be undermined. 
         Quite a number of software come with series of security features, but it 
         is amazing that they are not being implemented on site even when it 
         cost little or nothing to implement.
Backup: Schedule multiple locations data backup that requires no extra 
         time or expense for quick data restore is one of the minimum tasks your 
         computer should perform.
Quick Data Restore: Most operating systems support multiple 
         hard-drives so, if one goes down, your system can switch to others and 
         continue functioning without any delay.
Secured Remote Access Implementation

You can rely on the collective knowledge and experience of Infowheel Systems professionals who do our job well so you can focus on yours.

Infowheel Systems

  • We are an information technology solutions provider motivated by the quest to provide business owners in different sectors of the economy with agile solutions that seamlessly automates their business, endear them to their customers and place them ahead of competitors.